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Beverly Huckabee

Designer & Founder

Common Q&A

1. How much are your wedding cakes?

An exact price can't be given without knowing how many guests need to be served, the flavor selections for the wedding cake, and the desired design of the cake. These factors, among others, drive the final price of the cake.

2. How do I estimate what I should expect to pay for a wedding cake?

Designs that can be achieved with buttercream frosting covering the cake generally run $3-5/serving. Designs that must use fondant run $5-7/serving. Your designer can advise whether your design choice can be achieved with buttercream frosting or if we must use fondant to achieve the look. Once the design cover frosting is determined, multiply the cost/serving by the number of guests to determine an approximate price. Design complexity also affects the price.

3. Do you do tastings?

Yes, we offer tastings at Chefspring in Ingleside Village, Macon GA, or we come to you if we need to. We bring a cupcakes or cake slice sample representative of the 8 cake flavors and 2 frostings we offer.

4. Is there a charge for the tasting?

Yes, we charge $25 for the tasting that includes a 1-hour consultation; however, if you secure your date with a deposit at the time of the consultation, we do not charge for the deposit.

5. Do you deliver?

Yes, we serve the Atlanta Metropolitan and the Middle Georgia areas. Delivery and set-up starts at $50 for all products requiring delivery. Delivery is required for all tiered cakes and wedding cakes. For locations beyond a 30-mile radius (30 miles one-way or 60 miles round trip) of Jackson, GA, we charge .50/mile.

6. Do you also cut the cake?

Yes, we offer cuttin service at your reception for a nominal fee, depending on how long staff need to wait for the cutting.